Monthly Archives: May 2006

The Barbers


More friends! We love getting together with friends. Tonight, we visited with Scott and Leesa and their children, Elizabeth and Sydney. They are moving to St. Louis next week where he’ll be starting seminary at Covenant (I’ve told them to seek you out, Kicklighters and Tuckers!). We love this family so much and will miss them after they leave. God has blessed us with many close relationships!

Lake Harding with the Patricks


Shea and John Mark Patrick (our friend and guy with three first names) were in our area visiting their family for the long weekend and invited us to their lake house to play (at Lake Harding). It was Andrew’s first time on the water and he loved it! First, we relaxed while riding around in the pontoon boat and then we played on the SeaDoo. It was fun to jump in the lake and swim around to cool off ’cause it’s humid and hot here! Shea and John Mark are awesome friends and were excellent hosts. Thank you for letting us spend Memorial Day with you on the lake!

Another visit with Laura


Laura came to visit us again this weekend. We love it when she’s here. Not only is she super with my boys (although she’s not here to babysit) she’s a great friend whom I enjoy spending time with and talking to. We took the boys to the park this morning where we walked two miles before eating our sack lunch and playing on the playground. Here is a picture of Laura playing with the playdough on the floor with Andrew and Luke. If it were up to me, I would have Laura come visit everyday….I’m just glad Auburn University is only 45 minutes away!

HOT summer days


Boy, has it been hot these past few days. After waking from his nap the past three afternoons, Andrew has spent a few hours outside playing in his small pool and sprinkler. It’s so hot that he didn’t even want to wear his swimsuit…, I let him go naked. Why not? I mean, he was in the backyard where no one could see him! He had a blast.

Time with the boys


We are home…..the journey north this past weekend went smoothly but the drive-time home was hard. We thought that both of the boys would be extremely tired and would quickly fall asleep in the van on the way home; however, they were SO tired that it was too late and they cried almost the entire three hours home (we’ll maybe not all three hours, but it felt like it – it was probably just an hour’s worth of crying). We’re glad to be in our own space, enjoying the familiarity.

The wedding reception was held at Chicopee Woods in Gainesville last night. It was absolutely beautiful! Today, before leaving the Atlanta metro area, we stopped at the Mall of Georgia to eat and play. Andrew loves riding the merry-go-round so Daddy snapped a picture of us enjoying the ride. Luke was strapped on Mitch’s chest in the Snuggli so I grabbed the camera and took a picture. I love spending time with all my boys.



We are in Gainesville, GA, this weekend for a wedding. We visited one of the parks that sits on beautiful Lake Lanier where I captured this moment between Dad and son. They were talking about the water and then started watching it ripple as they began throwing rocks.

My favorite


Hooked on 24 on Monday night…..who was the best on the show tonight? Agent Aaron Pierce. He rocked my face off when he addressed the “President” by his first name, Charles, after realizing the president was a traitor.

RoboCop is on 24…did you know that? He’s playing the character of Chris Henderson. He’s a much better actor at RoboCop than at being a traitor to his country.

The woman who plays the First Lady was one of the ladies on Designing Women. Cool.


These past few days


These past few days have been rough on Andrew. I took him to the doctor Friday afternoon and it was confirmed that he had strep throat. I felt like a bad mother since three days had passed before I actually took him in. I just kept treating his fever with Ibuprofen and prayer. It was a good thing I took him to see the doctor (Mitch was gone to Presbytery so I was alone) as they are closed all weekend and I would have been stuck in the ER since I was told his fever would have gotten higher. Andrew slept so hard last night after the first dose of medication. He awoke feeling weak but seemed to be in a better mood. He took a three hour nap today and woke as a new person. The medicine was magic! The only bad thing about this whole thing is that he has to finish the pink berry medication over the next ten days….he’s like his daddy was when he was little, running from me and kicking when I try to give him the stuff. Fortunately, he’s not contagious at this point.

Luke is enjoying life. You can tell he loves the camera. He likes being naked, too. I’m gonna have a fantastic Mother’s Day, I’m sure!

Solid food and not so solid food


Tonight, at five months of age, Luke had his first taste of solid food. He wasn’t too impressed, as you can tell by these pictures. He still has a tongue reflex so most of the rice cereal ended up in the fold between his chin and neck. I’ll try again tomorrow night. I’m sure he’ll like peaches and pears better than the nasty bland cereal.

Andrew, however, found it hard to keep anything solid down. He upchucked three times before finally settling down for the night at 10:3o. He fell asleep at 8pm in my arms, which is rare. He didn’t have a fever so I had no indication he wasn’t feeling well until I heard him upchuck (via the monitor). I picked him up, stripped the bed sheets, put him in the bathtub, put clean sheets on the bed, and decided to lay down with him and sing him to sleep. It worked but I heard him upchuck again about ten minutes later. I only have two sets of sheets for his bed (yeah, I know you feel my pain, Amy) so after stripping the bed again and bathing him again, I made his bed with our bedsheets and a quilt. This time, however, I decided to rock him back to sleep. Guess what? He upchucked again but this time all over me. Back into the bathtub we BOTH went. He finally settled down and seemed to be in a better mood as he wanted to play and talk. Guess we’ll see how late he sleeps in the morning.