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The Grits Cafe


I traveled two hours east last Friday to have dinner with my future sister-in-law. We dined at The Grits Cafe. Oh my goodness…..absolutely delicious! I’m no restaurant expert but this establishment has won me over. Don’t pass this southern delight by!

And they even give you flat after-dinner chocolate mints with their logo. Too cute.

Gone – but not forever


Our church has lost quite a number of people over the last month. Fortunately, they all left due to a physical move, whether is was a job change or new military orders. A sweet family of six moved to Oregon, another large family (five) moved to Wisconsin, a newly married couple moved to Germany (army), a good single friend moved to Virginia, and a young couple with a toddler moved to Washington state. I tear up when I realize that we might be losing another young (pregnant) couple in a few months (another army move) and then ANOTHER couple in the next year as they begin their seminary journey. Our nursery at church is dwindling!

I don’t like losing friends. I never know if I’ll ever lay eyes on them again or hug them once more. It’s almost a little scary because I want to stay in touch with all of these people but fear that we might lose contact. Darn that hectic pace of life! Hurray for Facebook! However, this is all very normal to us since we live in a heavily influenced military town. I know that this will continue to happen year after year and, for that, I am grateful.

I am grateful because God has blessed me with the friendships of some amazing women. They have encouraged me and shown me more about the love of God. The cross is evident in their life and I have seen the gospel permeate their heart. They have been shining examples of Christ to me as I’ve watched them be a mother to their children and a wife to their husband. It’s hard to see them go but it’s also joyous at the same time. How wonderful that they get to journey to a new place where they can be a new friend to someone else! How awesome that they can be discipled where ever they are and then turn around and do the same elsewhere.

Selfishly, I want them back, but I’m excited to see who God will bring to our church next. In the meantime, I need to buy several books of stamps.

Summer buzz cuts


It’s just hair….it will grow back (but will it be just as pretty and luxurious???? Oh, I hope so).

It’s summer time. As much as I LOVE their hair, they are happier when it’s cooler. Just another reminder that it’s not about me and my likes. They have been begging for these buzz cuts! The boys need all the help they can get in this 99 degree weather. Only six and a half more weeks til school starts back….I wonder how much it will grow in that time. I’ll be sure to take photos for an update in mid-August.

Andrew – BEFORE

Andrew – DURING

Andrew – AFTER



Luke – AFTER