Monthly Archives: May 2007

Help from Chrissy


Our sweet friend, Chrissy, helps Luke fill up the water balloons. Chrissy might be Andrew’s teacher next year….let’s pray she is!

Memorial Day 2007

How did you spend Memorial Day? We spent it relaxing at home with one another and then headed over to Chad and Chrissy’s house to grill steaks and have a water ballon fight. The boys were being naughty!



Andrew is potty trained, for the most part. Doing #1 is no problem….he rushes to lift the lid, flush, close the lid and wash his hands. However, performing #2 on the potty is still a struggle. Pediatricians, midwives, mothers, advice-givers all say pretty much the same thing – that it’s scary to see a “part of themselves” go down through the hole in the toilet. Oh well……we’ll keep trying. We’ve done all we can to intice him -candy, choo choo trains, stickers, trips to ChuckeCheese, etc. Nothing is working. Prayer is more powerful so I’ll stick to that.

Luke has been curiously watching his older brother use the potty so he has become quite interested in doing #1 by himself. Tonight, he let us know that it was his turn. I caught it on camera. He wasn’t successful but it was cute and we’re gonna encourage him to keep trying, even though he’s only 18 months old. Don’t you appreciate the vibrant color I caught on film???….sorry!

Mom & Norma visit

My mother and her sister, my Aunt Norma, are here for a two day visit. Mom lives a little over two hours away so I love getting the chance to see her and have her spend time with her grandsons. Aunt Norma lives in Los Angeles, CA, so I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like….this is a treat! Here, they are enjoying looking through Andrew’s “first year” scrapbook together.

Baby shower


The ladies of our church gave me a baby shower Thursday night. It was great to gather and have fun eating and chatting together. We played a few games and had encouraging conversation. My mother-in-law, Cheryl, and sister-in-law, Valerie (and neice, Ella), joined me in the fun of opening gifts and seeing all that God gave to Abigail to start her “life” journey.