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Pumpkins at the patch


It seems that every fall when we visit the pumpkin patch, we end up sweating. It was so hot yesterday as we meandered around the patch! The boys were wearing shorts and they mentioned a time or two of being hot in their longsleeve shirts. Overall, we had a great time and the hay ride was the highlight of the journey. It’s sort of become a tradition that we go with my friend, Jennifer, and her little girl, AC, each year (who happens to be Luke’s best friend).

Andrew has been coming for five years
and loves it even more each time.

He wasn’t really mad….just posing.

She was in love with the pumpkin maze!
Beautiful orange.
Two little indians!
She found her pick of the litter.
A cute pilgrim boy.
Who knew a gourd would make a good telephone?
Our usual pumpkin patch crew!

Roasting & planting seeds


Since carving the pumpkin, the boys wanted to roast some of the seeds and plant some, too.

They chose to season their seeds with nutmeg and cinnamon.

They chose to plant their seeds in R-A-N-D-O-M places around the house. We’ll see what pops up out of the ground (soon or not?)….all. around. the. house.

Seriously, it was fun and makes me giggle to think about. I feel weird now giggling alone in this room by myself.

To my 12 followers….


Ok, to all 12 of you out there who read my blog, you may have been wondering where I’ve been lately. I got used to posting everyday and then it became an every other day thing and now it just happens whenever I can. My computer needs to be cleaned and I have far too many pictures on the desktop just waiting to be burned to a CD, therefore causing my hard drive to be slow, making me frustrated and impatient when wanting to post. However, I’ve also been MIA for another reason….

I’ve been rising at 5:15 a.m. to meet 30 other women for fitness boot camp! It’s been challenging to get up that early since most of you know I’m a night owl. But, I’ve made it for all the meetings thus far and I hope to see some success in a few weeks. I’ll be “working it out” with this group for the next eight weeks, being released from my drill sergeant just before Christmas. We have spent most of our time outside in the dark climbing stairs, running, doing suicide sprints – and then inside to work on target muscle areas with weights, etc. In the group I’ve got a new friend who runs with me and it’s been a joy to see her regularly and chat about our lives. We encourage one another by cheering wildly and reminding that there’s only one lap left! Of course, all this hoopla is sputtered out while we’re gasping for breath and heaving for air.

Anyway, you might read less of me for the next eight weeks but I’m here and will be blogging every so often….if I don’t roll over and crash first.

Time to carve the pumpkin


This might be the last year we only get one pumpkin for the whole family. I think my children would have each rather had their own (you think?). Anyway, we had a good time scooping the goo out of the pumpkin and then separating the seeds from the “meat”. The boys requested a smiley face on the pumpkin so that’s just what they got. It’s now sitting on our front porch with a burning candle inside. Jack is happy….and so are my children.

Dental trip gone bad


Today was the day for Luke to FINALLY go to the dentist to have two root canals. This appointment was scheduled five months ago, back in May, but I’m thankful he didn’t complain of much pain this past summer. Yes, I know that many people are wondering the same thing I did when I first heard this was the dental plan, “Why root canals on baby teeth that will just eventually fall out in a few years?”. Well, after asking other dentist friends of their opinion, they all agreed it was the thing to do. So, we’ve been talking about this appointment for the past five days with Luke just to prepare his mind for what was to happen at his next visit (drowsy, laughing gas, sleep, Mommy in room, etc).

After rising at the *&$#% crack of dawn, we arrived at the dental office. This is what happened:

1. Signed on the dotted line, promising to “pay in full.”

2. Luke drank half and spit out half of the drowsy-cocktail that was full of sleepy medicine. Dentist is weary of it taking affect due to spitting.

3. Sat in the patient area for one hour waiting for placid, itchy, sleepy eyes to appear.

4. Once some placidity set in, an X-ray of each tooth was taken.

5. Dentist realized one molar was “too far gone” and not salvageable. NOTE: Make appointment for extraction.

6. Dentist realized the other molar wasn’t quite deep enough for a root canal (thank goodness $$$$$$) but it would indeed need a filling. This was decided as the agenda for the morning – understandably.

7. With me in the corner watching (“no one puts baby in a corner”...sorry, I couldn’t resist), the nurses arranged Luke comfortably in the chair and place the red nozzle over his nose to administer the laughing gas. Now, this is where he should have started falling into a deep sleep. Guess what? He never did. However, apparently he was loopy enough to allow the dentist to actually put the large needle in his mouth to numb the tooth area.

8. Once the needle was removed, my son became COMBATIVE! He started kicking, screaming, ripping equipment off, hitting nurses, scratching the dentist, yelling “MOMMY, GET ME OUT!”. Even my gentle assurance and hand squeezing brought no comfort or ease. It only got worse since he was working his way to me. He was determined to get out of that chair! You see, he never went to sleep…..never. Did he feel the pain of the needle? I don’t know. Scary, huh?

9. While Luke is curled up in my lap hyperventilating (just kidding), the dentist speaks to me about rescheduling and states precautions and side effects from the anesthesia since Luke is leaving with a numbed upper gum and cheek.

10. Dentist says he’ll call later in the afternoon to check up on Luke’s recovery. That sentence made me laugh out loud as I typed. Dentist also tells me that Luke will probably take a nap due to the drowsy-cocktail.

10. I reschedule and am told the next available appointment is MARCH 2010! The receptionist assures me there will be many cancellations over the holidays (yeah, I’m apparently not going anywhere) and I’ll be the first one they call due to Luke’s tooth condition. Luke is told he cannot eat anything for two hours. Ummmm….this was hard to do! Luke is ALWAYS hungry and he hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since dinner the night before per dentist’s orders.

11. So….we journeyed to the McDonald’s drive-thru for an approved order of a small ice-cream. The tears disappeared and a smile popped out.

12. The phone rings at 5pm and it’s the dentist wanting to find out if Luke is doing OK. I tell him that Luke is outside playing and is looking forward to coming back to his office to get more prizes out of the treasure chest (har har). The dentist asks if Luke took a nap and I tell him, “NOPE”. The dentist is surprised and says that Luke must have a very strong will since he’s only one of about three children he’s ever worked on that didn’t take a nap after all that anesthesia. Yeah, our dentist is well into his 50’s.

Don’t read me wrong – we love our pediatric dentist. He’s the best! We will continue seeing him until our teeth rot out. But, I will say that I am going to make a suggestion to him next time we visit: make sure Luke gets a vanilla ice cream flavored drowsy-cocktail.

I don’t know how to title this post – make one up: POEM! (yeah, that’s it).


Today has been a difficult one,
but I will sleep the night away.
For tomorrow I must rise early
to be rid of son’s tooth decay

Little Stomach Bug visited our house –
But now he’s with our friends.
The swine flu scare is on the news –
Oh, I want it all to end!

I see my plate in front of me
and can’t imagine eating more.
My pillow screams for me to rest
while my feet run out the door.

Assessment time took place today –
I’m so glad that it is done.
My numbers really weren’t that great –
This aging thing ain’t much fun.

My eyes blink yellow, yellow, yellow,
but my mind reads only green.
If I don’t stop and get more sleep
I think I’m gonna scream!

Leno’s already come and gone –
Now Fallon is making me laugh.
I’m writing lesson plans this time of night
for the sub who’s teaching my class.

So, as I finish typing this rhyme,
the clock reads one a.m.
I haven’t learned a lesson here –
Is there an hour 24 can lend?