Monthly Archives: January 2007

Luke in tub & Andrew’s new PJs


Bathtime is always fun. The boys usually take one together but Luke got his own bathwater tonight. He likes to imitate….just watch!

Andrew got a new pair of PJs tonight. It’s so cold in our house at night that I purchased a cute two piece fleece PJ set for him. He looks so grown up!

Our ninth move


We’ve been married seven and a half years and have managed to have nine different physical addresses (not completely in order):

Hoover, AL
Homewood, AL
Moody, AL (x2)
Thomasville, GA
Columbus, GA (x4)

Finally, we’ve found a house we love and are excited about settling into and raising our family. We’ll move into it in two weeks, just days before finding out the gender of baby #3. Funny how everything is thought of in relation to the pregnancy. I guess that’s my timetable now. Speaking of pregnancy, I don’t feel pregnant. Maybe it’s because this is my third child and my body is so drastically different this go ’round. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m trying to keep up with two toddlers all day long that I don’t have time to think about it. I haven’t felt the baby move yet (I’m 17 weeks) but sometimes I’m not really sure what I’m feeling. “Was that a kick or was that Mitch’s elbow in my side (in bed)?”

I’ll email our new mailing information next week so get that white out or label printer ready! A friend commented to me last week that my spot in her address book was the messiest due to all our addresses changes. Hopefully this is the last one for a good while.

Biker Mania


Andrew got a bike for Christmas and wants to ride it everyday. I wish our driveway wasn’t such a steep hill and was flat instead. He likes practicing his turns in the driveway under the carport. Sometimes he gets too fast and falls over. We need to buy him a new helmet (the one he’s wearing in the picture is a hand-me-down from a neighborhood girl – it was free!) and knee/elbow pads. He’s showing off his steering and speed skills to his Pop in this picture.

Liquid damage


After dealing with a great cell phone that all of a sudden started powering down on me after just being charged all night, I took it to the store to see what the trouble was. Liquid damage. I guess I let Luke play with it too much and it accumulated all of his slobber. So, I’ve got a new phone now (same cell number, though) but am frustrated that I have to pay $10 to have my contacts transferred from the old to the new. There’s a fee for everything……

Boys for the weak?


The guy in the middle is our pastor in Birmingham, Burt Boykin, at Community PCA. His wife, Anita, is a very good friend of mine. Burt and Anita are the proud, and patient, parents of seven children…all boys. They range from 8 years old to 21 years old. Their two oldest sons are Dane and Addison. Dane is a sophomore at Covenant College in Lookout Mtn, GA, and Addison, their second born, is doing an internship at a church in New Zealand, having taken a year off between high school graduation and starting college this fall. I have watched Burt and Anita raise their boys and I am encouraged.

It looks like Mitch and I might be close behind them with our two boys and possibly another male on the way. Maybe we’re closing the gap, although it will take a while longer for us to do just that. I guess pastors are good at making boys to carry on their name. Burt likes to think that God gives sons to weak men. I guess he doesn’t think he would be strong enough to raise a girl, much less seven of them. He always jokes about that. I snapped this picture last week when Mitch and I were in Birmingham visiting the Boykins for a few days.