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Chillin’ like a villain

Just got back this afternoon from the ladies overnight retreat,
and it was…..D-E-L-I-G-H-T-F-U-L!

I only wish we could have stayed one more night! I simply loved sitting around with good friends as we chatted over a delicious meal, laughed as we stuffed our face with brownie-ala-mode, and later sipped on coffee (I think I have a tummy ache!). The fact that it rained the entire time we were there made it all the more cozy and intimate. We had no agenda but to have great conversation and relax. It was like a slumber party since we all sat around in our PJs and all stayed under one roof. The first person went to bed at 9:30 and the last two people went to bed at 2:00 a.m. Bet you can’t guess who stayed up the latest!

After checking out of our chalet, we ate a light lunch together and then roamed around the quaint downtown area, perusing the antique stores. It seems that all those who went are already ready for another mountain retreat, so I guess I should look to book another one of these things in the fall, huh? Anyone with me?

You know, this time reminded me of the value and importance of relationships. I crave time with other women and I enjoy hearing their stories of praise and praying with them through pain. It’s nice to share your heart with those who honestly care, knowing that they’ll lift you up in prayer. Although our conversations were edifying and pure, we did spend some time dishing out our opinions on our favorite actors and movies. Nothing will change my mind…I still hate Napoleon Dynamite, so bite me!

I truly feel that it is through relationships that God is most glorified…it was God’s relationship with his own son that brought the Father the most glory. I really am undeserving of any good gift the Lord gives, but it brings me great joy to know that He delights in giving me friends.


Chillin’ like a villain = Completely over-glorified way of saying “relaxing at home”. It does, however, point out that criminals probably sit around doing nothing pretty much the same way everybody else does. (


It Won’t Be Like This For Long


Yesterday afternoon, while sitting together outside in the breeze, Andrew said, “Mama, put your arm around me”.

Today, after waking up early from his afternoon nap, Luke said, “Mommy, hold me. I sick.”

While driving on a quick errand run this morning, I listened to Abigail sing “The Wheels on the Bus” while making the hand motions.

I’m not a huge country music fan (unless it’s Martina McBride or Sugarland on the radio), but I like this song….not to mention that I’ve always liked to say the word Hootie (and the Blowfish).

He didn’t have to wake up
He’d been up all nite
Lay’n there in bed listen’n
To his new born baby cry
He makes a pot of coffee
He splashes water on his face
His wife gives him a kiss and says
It gonna be OK

It wont be like this for long
One day soon we’ll look back laugh’n
At the week we brought her home
This phase is gonna fly by
So baby just hold on
It won’t be like this for long

Four years later bout four thirty
She’s crawling in their bed
And when he drops her off at preschool
She’s clinging to his leg
The teacher peels her off of him
He says what can I do
She says now don’t you worry
This will only last a week or two

It wont be like this for long
One day soon we’ll drop her off
And she wont even know you’re gone
This phase is gonna fly by
If you can just hold on
It wont be like this for long

One day soon she’ll be a teenager
And at times you’ll think she hates him
Then he’ll walk her down the aisle
And he’ll raise her veil
But right now she up and cry’n
And the truth is that he don’t mind
As he kisses her good night
And she says her prayers
He lays down there beside her
Till her eyes are finally closed
And just watch’n her it breaks his heart
Cause he already knows
It wont be like this for long
One day soon that little girl is gonna be
All grown up and gone
Yeah this phase is gonna fly by
He’s try’n to hold on
It wont be like this for long
It wont be like this for long

I’m gonna push it again


I’ve already posted about this before but I only have two days left to sell them. If Andrew sells five then he gets the fifth one free so I really want to try to sell, sell, sell. So far, he’s sold two. Do we have any takers that want to help out our school? Anyone….Bueller….anyone?

Read below for the details:

As a spring fundraiser for Andrew’s school, he is selling a local coupon book (Columbus & Phenix City area only) for a cost of $25 (insert gulp here). When he came home with it, I was taken back at the selling price….but then I began flipping through it and realized it truly is a great deal!

If you’d like to purchase a copy, you can contact myself or Andrew. Click on the image below for a larger view. Some of the savings are listed below.

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1. Firestone:
One free oil change, $10 off oil change, $20 off tire rotation, $20 off brake service

2. McDonald’s:
BOGO sandwich, BOGO b’fast biscuits, free cookie, free snack wrap (6 coupons)

3. Sonic: WITH PURCHASE – free burgers and coneys (12 coupons)

4. Texas Roadhouse: free appetizer of your choice with purchase of an entree (12 coupons)

5. Fuddruckers: free appetizer / free milkshake with purchase of an entree (6 coupons)

6. Steak & Shake: free milkshake with purchase (6 coupons)

7. Marco’s Pizza: free medium cheese pizza with purchase of a large (6 coupons)

8. Little Ceasars: Free drink/crazy bread with purchase (6 coupons)

9. Hungry Howie’s: free large pizza with purhase (6 coupons)

10. Johnny Carino’s: Free entree with purchase of one entree, free kid’s meal with purchase, & free appetizer with purchase. (4 coupons)

11. Subway: Free sub with purchase of a sub. (4 coupons)

12. Willy T’s: WITH PURCHASE – free snack, free plate, free drink, $2 off wings, 10% off total purchase (6 coupons)

13. Stevi B’s: free child’s buffet with purchase of adult entree (4 coupons)

14. Outback Steakhouse: free bloomin onion with purchase of two entrees (2 coupons)

15. Huddle House: free breakfast with purchase of equal breakfast (4 coupons)

16. Johnny’s New York Style Pizza: free appetizer with purchse of two dinners OR large pizza. (4 coupons)

17. sbarro: free slice of pizza with purchase of one slice and drink. (2 coupons)

18. Mike & Ed’s BBQ: free sandwich with purchase of a sandwich (4 coupons)

19. Auntie Anne’s: free order of pretzel stix with equal order. (4 coupons)

20. Tropical Smoothie Cafe: 50% off purchase, free wrap with equal purchase, free drink with purchase, BOGO any menu item. (4 coupons)

21. Marble Slab Creamery: free waffle cone with equal purchase (4 coupons)

22. Smoothie King: BOGO smoothie (4 coupons)

23. Bruster’s Ice Cream: Free single waffle cone with equal purchase (4 coupons)

24. TCBY: BOGO waffle cone, $2 off cakes/pies (4 coupons)

25. Continental Cleaners: $10 off drycleaning (4 coupons)

26. AMF Lanes: Buy three bowling games and get three free (12 coupons)

27. Bull Creek Golf Course: BOGO greens fee (12 coupons)

28. Columbus Cottonmouths hockey: BOGO adult admission, $20 off b’day package, $5 off merchandise order (12 coupons)

29. Oxbow Creek Golf Course: BOGO greens free

30. Movie Gallery: BOGO video/game rental

31. Dick’s: $10 off $50 purchase (6 coupons)

32. Monkey Joe’s: BOGO admission (2 coupons)

33. Six Flags Over Georgia: $10 off admission price (6 coupons)

34. Six Flags White Water: $7 off admission (2 coupons)

35. Atlanta Braves baseball: BOGO game ticket, valid for seats $12-$32 (4 coupons)

36. There are several coupons included for other local establishments such as Zoo City, Alamo, Enterprise, vacations direct, Grand National, Jumpin’ Jax, Columbus Lions, Great Clips, Ann’s Porch, Fountain City Coffee, The Coffee Beanery, Jumpin’ Java, Los Amigos, BUffet City, The Cantina, Blimpie, Deli Central, Picasso’s Pizza, and The Sports Page.