Monthly Archives: February 2011

Because he’s mine and I can

He’s dramatic.
Always dancing, acting, and creating.

Yeah, he likes this pose for some reason.

Just a ham for the camera (most of the time).

Below is one of his creations which he explained to me today: “This is my farm with all the animals and little bit of monkey in it. Oh yeah, Mom….there’s a hidden tiger prowling around in the pen, too.” (click image to enlarge and see the tiger)

Give him a marker, pen, pencil, stamps, paint, or chalk and he’ll create a masterpiece.

Hyper Jump game


My sister gave the fun, affordable, and active game, Hyper Jump, to our family for Christmas. My children love it, especially Abigail. She can spend so many rounds jumping on the correct colors and numbers that the computer voice calls out. It’s also a good way to get the heartbeat up while inside (great for a rainy day or on those days when Mom is sick). Hyper Jump gives the option to play with one or two people and has up to four levels of difficulty. Maybe I’ll get around to recording my kids playing this game….I’ll save that for a future post.

I’ve not been paid to post about this product….I just wanted to share the love!

On the mends….


I’ve missed two days of work this week and looks like tomorrow will make three. Sunday night, while hosting LIFE group at our house, I excused myself in the middle of the lesson so I could go lie down. Little did I know that my body was getting hotter and would soon develop THE FLU. Like the phrase, “….in bed all day”, I literally was in bed all day Monday. I thought that I would feel better in the morning but the worse was yet to come. Waking at 7:30 AM, I really felt like I was about to die. I could barely stand, definitely couldn’t walk straight, was burning up with a fever of 103.9, felt delirious, and cried out to Mitch, “Please take me to the ER or call 911!”. Mitch rushed and got the kids ready and out the door to school. When he returned, he asked if I wanted an ambulance or if I could stand the ride in our car. Before I could answer, the sweat began to pour and saturate the bed sheets. My fever was breaking. Sweating never felt so good.

Maybe I’ll get a flu shot next year.

Potato chips


My friend, Jennie, came over to my house this afternoon to chat, help me pick out some paint colors, and to let our kids play. About an hour before I started dinner, our two youngest children (both girls) began begging for a snack. It was hilarious to watch them walk the circle of rooms and whine, “I wanna ‘nack. I wanna ‘nack.” Apparently, Jennie and I were in such focused conversation that we kind of lost track of the girls for a few moments. When we realized how quiet the house had gotten, we got up from our warm spots and searched for our daughters.

We found them, alright. In the kitchen where their little fingers were greasy with potato chips, crumbs all over the floor, a pair of scissors and cut out plastic top of the chip bag on the counter, and two guilty faces cramming the last few chips from their hand to their mouths, getting the last bite in…’cause they knew they’d gotten caught! Soon, all four of us were laughing at their mischievous skills.

If you know my husband, he LOVES his Lay’s potato chips. When he went to retrieve his bag of munchies for his Thursday evening fill of THE BIG BANG THEORY, he asked, “Ummmm, is there a reason why there’s a clear even cut across the top of this bag?”. That was a funny story to tell.