Monthly Archives: February 2011

Because he’s mine and I can

He’s dramatic.
Always dancing, acting, and creating.

Yeah, he likes this pose for some reason.

Just a ham for the camera (most of the time).

Below is one of his creations which he explained to me today: “This is my farm with all the animals and little bit of monkey in it. Oh yeah, Mom….there’s a hidden tiger prowling around in the pen, too.” (click image to enlarge and see the tiger)

Give him a marker, pen, pencil, stamps, paint, or chalk and he’ll create a masterpiece.


Hyper Jump game


My sister gave the fun, affordable, and active game, Hyper Jump, to our family for Christmas. My children love it, especially Abigail. She can spend so many rounds jumping on the correct colors and numbers that the computer voice calls out. It’s also a good way to get the heartbeat up while inside (great for a rainy day or on those days when Mom is sick). Hyper Jump gives the option to play with one or two people and has up to four levels of difficulty. Maybe I’ll get around to recording my kids playing this game….I’ll save that for a future post.

I’ve not been paid to post about this product….I just wanted to share the love!