Monthly Archives: February 2007

Tired of….

….the presidential commercials for an election that’s 21 months away.

Find Andrew


A few of the students at Andrew’s school got the opportunity to tour a school bus. Since we’re a private school, many of the kids have never been inside of a bus before so this was very exciting for them. Can you spot Andrew? (He’s the blonde on the far right near the edge of the picture.)



It was so warm outside today! Beautiful. We didn’t even need jackets. I enjoy wearing short sleeve shirts. Andrew and I laid in the grass in the backyard and looked up at the clouds.

Andrew: “Where they going, Mom?”
Me: “They’re just moving on, I guess”
Andrew: “I know….they going to the moon! See!” (pointing to the moon)

So cute!



So many deadlines to meet….so much to get done:

1. Finish the yearbook by Thursday so it can be mailed and received in Illinois by Monday
2. Pre-register child #2 for Fall MMO this week
3. Sort through clothes and tag them for the city-wide spring consignment sale by next week
4. Design school and MOPS newsletters by tomorrow night
5. Continue unpacking boxes
6. Buy a wedding shower gift by Saturday
7. Paint bedroom and living room
8. Pass out Mission Project to child #1 class in next two weeks
9. Complete art lesson plans for the next month
10. Camp reunion coming up and need to find a babysitter

So much more but no one really cares about this list….it’s just another place for me to look and “check-off” for that time when I lose my first list.

To God be the Glory


To God be the glory……may his praise be forever on my lips, in my heart, and on my mind. A dear sweet friend called me this week with tragic news. How heartbreaking to hear her sorrow….oh, but how encouraging to hear that she is praising God through it all. I weep with her. I scream with her. I wonder with her. Along with her, I don’t know WHY. But I DO know that God never makes a mistake…and He never will.