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50 Worst Inventions of all time


50 Worst Inventions of all time: Come on…I love my Crocs! They are so versatile. Who cares that they aren’t the prettiest shoe in the world? I can wear them to the pool where they can get wet, to the beach where they can get sandy, to the parade on the hot asphalt, and around the house so I don’t pick up crumbs on my bare feet.

Among other worst inventions listed: The Segway, New Coke, Vibrating belt, and WOW potato chips.

PCB vacation


I’ve already posted a few pictures on Facebook but I wanted to share about our vacation in more detail on this blog.

This was our resort. Lots of fun people to watch….created lots of questions from my children’s minds. Interesting and entertaining.

Andrew is a fish in the pool, although he prefers the ocean.

Luke wanted very little to do with the ocean
and even asked if he could sleep the night away in the pool.

Abigail loved the hot tub!

The vertical drop from our balcony on the 11th floor.

The view from our room.

Mitch regretted taking the kids on this ride.
He wishes I had chaperoned instead.
Let’s just say his stomach doesn’t do well
when going ’round and ’round in fast circles.

Nothing like a hamburger from FIVE GUYS.

Abigail was hot and tired but they enjoyed
finishing an 18 hole round of miniature golf.
Luke even got a hole-in-one!

Tee time!

A note from his sister


There’s no date on it but Mitch and I found this note in an old box when purging through things last week. Valerie, my husband’s sister, is such a good friend to me. I love her and couldn’t help laughing when I read this note she wrote to Mitch many many many years ago when they were still living at home as teens. Seems my husband was being mean to his little sis. They’ve since forgiven each other.