Monthly Archives: June 2008

Deal at Walgreens…..diapers!


I went to Walgreens tonight to purchase two packs of their store-brand training pants that are on sale this week for only $5.99 per pack (the same is true of the store-brand diapers). I heard there was a coupon in the Walgreens Easy Saver Catalog (it’s red this month and can be found in the front of the store when you first walk in or near the registers) for $5 off the purchase of two packs. So, I got two packs tonight for only a little over $7 after tax. The cashier was impressed and said she was gonna do the same scenario that night before going home to her two year old sleeping son. I love a bargain.

Then I came home, quite proud of the bargain I had just made, when I sat down to my computer to find this better scenario on a blog I love to read. I could’ve saved even more. Oh well, the sale is good until Sunday, July 6, and I need to purchase two more packs anyway.

"Excuse me, Officer…what did you say?"


After she crawled through the cupboards, she decided to take a spin on her bike. Just shy of her first birthday, she received her first citation.

“I’m sorry, Officer. I was going how fast? No, I always look this good when riding in the wind, but thanks for asking….I think.”

It’s ok…I was thinking “COPS” when I wrote this post, too. Just look at that messy hair, no shirt, diaper only, jalopy riding, cupboard climbing baby. All the components are there.

Swimming Lessons


Andrew has just completed the Skipper swimming lesson course. He did so well and looked forward to every evening in the pool with his instructor, Amanda. He now understands to hold his breath when his head is under water and he’s become more brave than I would like – jumping off diving starter blocks, disappearing underwater, and doing flips. Fun, but scary. We are so proud!

My child’s portrait


I have a sweet friend named Carolyn. She and I worked together for a couple of years at our school and always enjoyed having conversation in passing or as she dropped off her class in my art room. We share alot in common such as a passion for scrapbooking and anything crafty. Well, low and behold, she picked up a colored pencil one day and started drawing! All these years and no one ever knew, not even her, how gifted an artist she was. Carolyn would never admit to that but I’ll brag for her because her work is amazing.

So, after seeing Carolyn’s work, I immediately asked her to draw Abigail’s face from a picture that my friend, Holly, took. Here’s the final result and comparison.

Here’s the photograph of Abigail by Holly:

Here’s the pencil drawing of Abigail by Carolyn:

So, if you are interested in having Carolyn draw the face of your loved one, please contact me. She is eager to do more work! If you’ll email or call me, I’ll give you Carolyn’s contact information so you can communicate with her directly. She is waiting with her pencils ready!



Andrew has a fever of 102 and tested positive for strep throat yesterday. He spent the rest of the day on the couch or in my lap. He had a few hours of no fever today (after the Ibuprofen kicked in) upon which he spent fighting with his little brother. Andrew is upset that he missed swimming lessons Tuesday night but he’s ready to take his medicine so he can go back to the pool tonight!

Abigail was awake for three hours last night screaming in pain. This is very unlike her. I took her to see the doctor today as well and it was discovered that she has a double ear infection (is that a groan of understanding, Becky? Or are you just glad it’s me and not you this go-around?).
Luke…..well, he’s Luke. Always perky; always hyper; always a clown. I don’t think that child has been sick one day in his life. I just realized something as I typed that last sentence….he’s the only one of my three children that I nursed longer than a year. Hmmmm.

Guess what, Mom? Abigail is about to celebrate her first birthday and I’m actually NOT pregnant this go around! I look back and find it funny that I was pregnant with Luke on Andrew’s first birthday and then pregnant with Abigail on Luke’s first birthday. Maybe next summer. HA!

My first oil painting


I’ve always loved painting with acrylics but have never dabbled in oils before. I’ve got a few friends who will be having baby girls soon so I thought I’d experiment with oils by making something for one of them (I won’t mention any names). I had so much fun with this project and can’t wait to do more.

Note to self: It takes quite some time for the oils to dry. It’s been three days and the canvas is still wet. I wonder how long I’ll be waiting….

Plastic #6 shrinks!


Once again, I participated in the weekly Unplugged Project challenge. This week the craft topic was “plastic”. So, since my brain is almost dead, I (once again) copied the author and did the same thing with the plastic I had on hand.

Who knew that #6 recycable plastic also functions like shrinky-dink plastic? I had prepared myself to go to the grocery store to look for needed items that might be contained in #6 plastic but I realized that the fudge container my in-laws brought back from their Ohio Amish country trip last week was just what I needed!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Start with #6 recyclable plastic (it’s thin & brittle)

Cut various shapes from plastic, making the shape at least the size of a half dollar coin.

Draw a design on the plastic shape with Sharpie markers.

Punch a hole in the shape so it can be hung on a necklace, put on a keychain, etc. I would suggest punching two connecting holes, side by side, since one hole tends to become too small after shrinking.

Place shapes, design side up, on aluminum foil (or parchment paper) on top of a cookie sheet.

Place in oven for about two minutes. Watch the shapes curl and then lay flat.

Remove cookie sheet and wait for a minute for the shapes to cool so they can harden.

Ta Da!