Monthly Archives: August 2006

Fish and rainboots


Andrew got two new things yesterday. One was a fish that he named DIRT. Go figure….he’s a boy. The other was a pair of rainboots passed down to him from the son of one of my college friends, Amy. He loves them. They were perfect for dancing in the puddles this afternoon after the storm passed. Luke enjoyed sitting outside today on Dad’s favorite blanket (although it’s upside down, you can still make out GEORGIA TECH).

Andr`ee Seu, writer


This article has spoken such truth to me. It rings true to my heart. Silly how someone else’s burden can bring another to tears but it’s my burden as well. The author of this essay/article, Andr`ee Seu, is one of my favorite writers. She writes for World Magazine, another favorite of mine. The Lord speaks through her and I always walk away from her articles with new knowledge and insight. In fact, I hope to purchase her new book which is a collection of some of her past essays. You’ll probably enjoy reading her work as well. Justin Taylor (see link on right) shares some of Andr`ee’s background on his blog. Click here to read his words. She is making an impact on the world for the sake of the gospel.

Happen to me? No, it couldn’t…..


You think that it will never happen to you. Better yet, you think that you’ll NEVER be the one to blame. You go along in life never worrying that it might even be a possibility. Yep, you know it…..I recorded over valuable home video on accident. In fact, not just a little bit but an entire year’s worth; plus the hospital recording of my child’s birth, etc. I’m sick to my stomach…ugh.

Favorite things


Andrew’s favorite thing to do is explore. He found the lotion (I usually hide it well) and twisted the top off. In this picture, he’s realized that he can make the lotion pop up by squeezing it hard. A few minutes after this picture was taken there was lotion everywhere so off to the laundry his clothes and blue cover went!

Another favorite is my friend Claire. She’s a faithful friend. If she’s within driving distance, she will come visit. She was in town overnight with her family and she brought her sister and brother with her to church this morning. It was so good to see her face. Love ya, Claire!

Lazy Saturday


I love Saturdays…at least this one. Sometimes they are full of “things to do” but this one was restful and fun. We slept late, ate cereal, watched Dad mow the yard, went to a birthday party, took naps, played in the crib, visited with friends, set up the swingset (thanks to the Wilcox family for giving it to us!), and just finished eating BBQ sandwiches for dinner. Luke is in bed for the night and Mitch and Andrew are at Lowe’s picking up some nails. I am sitting here alone in the dark computer room….ahhhhhhh.

Playing in the crib

Watching Dad mow the yard

Caught Luke standing for the first time in his crib. He did it all by himself!

Changed it again


I’ve changed my template again. I don’t like the fact that I’m on my third template within a short period of time but, for some reason, they keep messing up on me so I have to find a new one. Oh well…I like this one and will stick to it until something goes wrong. I’ll be putting the links back up in the right margin soon. It’s past midnight as I type this and I’m too tired to copy and paste this late.

For the sake of the Gospel


I was in the midst of a discussion this past weekend. Up for debate was the topic of appropriate dress for corporate worship. From what I gathered, there was definitely a sense that some of us were gonna have to just agree to disagree regarding the issue. Personally, I tend to fall on the side of dressing casual, for various reasons….it’s how my generation tends to dress, it’s more comfortable, I feel God’s not concerned with what I wear (as long as it’s modest), and the majority of our congregation dresses on the casual side. Define casual? You will find me wearing skirts with sandals most of the time but I enjoy wearing loose fitting linen pants with a casual blouse as well. I have no hesitations about my casual dress, as long as it’s modest. Some might say that I’m not being respectful of the Lord Almighty by dressing in such fashion. I will agree that there’s validity to being respectful of the Lord in how I dress but is there any more respect in wearing a dress than there is in wearing linen pants or jeans, for that matter? Is there any more respect in wearing hose and heels than in wearing simple sandals on bare feet? It concerns me that, rather than the gospel being our focus, we allow the issue of “how dressed up or dressed down” we are to take precident in our minds (and hearts?). We need to be willing to do whatever it takes to win others to Christ. Randy Pope, pastor of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, says, “The gospel has to be elevated to its rightful position and we can’t let our personal preferences stop us from elevating the very thing that is most precious”.

Pope continues, “If our churches are going to lead than we have to become contemporary to the culture in which we’ve been placed. Am I concerned with being used to help win the lost? Do I do all things for the sake of the gospel so that I may become a fellow partaker of the gospel? Am I (we) willing to repent of idolatrous traditions? Traditions are beautiful, wonderful and should be embraced but not at the expense of losing the opportunity of reaching the lost.”

  • Define unbiblical traditions — those who’s love for a particular tradition dictates their interpretation of God’s word leaving them unwilling to move from their tradition regardless of the impact on the lost.
  • Define Biblical tradition – those who, in spite of loving and routinely utilizing traditions, will readily move from them for the sake of reaching the lost.

What a challenge. I pray that I will strive to become all things to all people, not just becoming some things to some people. See you in church Sunday…..I’ll be the one in pants.