Monthly Archives: September 2005

Winshape Retreat @ Berry College


Mitch & I just spent two relaxing days at the beautiful Winshape Retreat at Berry College in the mountains of Rome, Georgia. Ever have that feeling that you’re in “another world” when you go someplace so different than what you’re used to….the pace is slower, the scenery is vast, and the atmosphere and fellowship are refreshing. The Cathy family (Chick-Fil-A) decided not to demolish the old dairy barns & decided in 2001 to restore them by remodeling them into a retreat center for married couples nine months of the year (the buildings are used to house school aged girls who attend Camp Winshape during the summer months). Winshape Retreat is one of many spots of ministry on the 28,000 acres known as Mount Berry. Hiking trails can be found around every corner as well as rope courses, student-made buildings, houses, cabins, & even a water wheel (see pictures)…there are more deer on the land than there are people! I highly recommend couples to look into the possibility of attending one of Winshape’s seminars that are offered to both thriving and troubled marriages.

Winshape offered a free night to pastor’s and their wives so we jumped at the opportunity! It gives Winshape the chance to expose pastors to what they offer to marriages so they can then turn & recommend their seminars/facilities to others. While we soaked up the beauty of the north Georgia mountains & basked in our time together, Andrew stayed with MeMe & Pop overnight & had a blast. I am so glad that he loves being with them & they with him. God has been so good to give us family who love us & want to see us glorify God in all that we do. What a blessing.

Midwife visit today


Visited my midwife today for my normal monthly pregnancy checkup….all is well! Baby Luke is a busy mover and registered a heartbeat in the 150s today. I had to guzzle the gross orange drink in a fast five minutes so as to be ready to be tested for gestational diabetes in the lab. I’ll find out the results in a few days. Andrew must be having teething pains because the last two nights he’s woken several times.

Tuesday Mail


Mitch and I were able to go to the RUF meeting last night at Auburn University…it was so refreshing! How beautiful it was to sing the old hymns set to new music and hear the singing voices echoing throughout Foy Hall. I hope we’re able to go back another time. For a moment it made me yearn for my college days when things seemed much simpler and distractions were few. Oh, and my time with the Lord was much more frequent then than it is now. God is good and I am grateful I was given the opportunity to hear His Word and song last night.

Loving school


Andrew has gotten to where he runs down the hall and into his teacher’s arms when Daddy takes him to school twice a week. Even today when I arrived to pick him up he was too busy playing to want to leave. It did my heart good! He also got some new shoes that he was excited about wearing today so maybe they helped him play more comfortably.

I am really enjoying teaching art to the little ones. They seem to look forward to coming to class and pasting, cutting, sticking, and drawing. Coming up with a lesson plan each day has been a little challenging since I have to think for ages three through nine, but I like digging in the art cabinets to find something they’ll enjoy.

Mitch is staying busy preparing a sermon each week as well as attending many session and school board meetings. Andrew and I look forward to Fridays since that’s Mitch’s day off from work. We usually sleep late, play with the toys on the floor, feed the ducks, run errands, and cook dinner together. We were planning on taking him to get a haircut tomorrow but I couldn’t stand it anymore so I took him by myself today. We really like the girl, Cher, who cuts his hair every 10 weeks or so….it grows so fast! Even though he’s not a fan of anyone touching his head, he usually does ok if he sits in my lap and eats a lollipop while she cuts it. I’ll have to take a picture tomorrow of his new “big boy” haircut and post it on here.

Back to the routine….


Ok, our weekend with family in south Georgia was awesome! It was nice to spend time with them around the dinner table, at church, outside, and everywhere else our feet took us. Andrew loved playing with his cousins and getting lots of love from Gami and his Aunt Sassy. However, he just doesn’t sleep very well when not in his own bed so neither he nor I caught many consistent zzzz’s over the weekend. We did, however, both take good naps! One thing I was glad to get to do with Andrew was to take him to meet one of my college roommates, Heather, and her three children. Andrew also went on a September Easter egg hunt with his great-grandmother and loved looking for the eggs and then throwing them like baseballs. I also managed to sneak away during naptime and buy his Halloween outfit…he’s gonna be so cute as a lion!

Labor Day activity


What did you do on Labor Day? We just enjoyed being home together as a family, sitting around being lazy. I think we all got a little stir crazy around 11:00 a.m. so Andrew and I ventured outside to the scrapbook store to use our 50% off coupon. After his nap we grilled ribs and had a delicious meal with another couple and their set of triplets. Mitch is occupied right now…watching the Miami/FSU game. Of course he’s still gleaming from Georgia Tech’s win over Auburn this past weekend….he preached one of the best sermons ever Sunday morning(hmmmm….).

Busy weekend thus far


It’s been a busy Labor Day weekend thus far…and it’s only Saturday! Yesterday we took Andrew to the zoo for the first time (see the pictures) and he loved seeing the lions, bears, monkeys, and riding the choo-choo train! It was a nice time to spend as a family on a summer afternoon. We spent the good part of today at Callaway Gardens letting Andrew blow bubbles, ride another choo-choo train, see the butterfly house, and play in the sunshine. Tonight we spent time with MeMe and Pop over at Aunt Val and Uncle Tyler’s house. Andrew always loves spending time there with his cousin, Emma, too.

Feeling sad, angry, & guilty


I’m sad. It’s heart wrenching to see pictures and listen to TV broadcasts of the many stranded citizens of New Orleans. It’s sad to hear that many people have died and there are many missing.

I’m angry. I’m not in the midst of the turmoil, heat, and suffering but none of these circumstances justify the raping of women or the shooting of military officials in New Orleans.

I’m feeling guilty. We’re taking my son on a trip to the zoo tomorrow. I can’t help but think about the fun we’ll have watching Andrew’s amazement when he’s sees a lion for the first time compared to the misery of the little children sitting in massive heat for hours at a time on an elevated highway, waiting for help.