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Andrew’s craft time


I have a habit of not throwing away the smallest things. I keep juice caps, pretty tree sticks, various vegetable seeds, large scraps of paper, etc – just because I know there’s gonna be a use for them one day….maybe. Today proved correct. I gathered some dried pumpkin seeds and painted them with Andrew while the two younger kids napped. Later this week, our plan is to glue them down to make some sort of picture. When we do, I’ll be sure to post a photo of the final result.

Book Time


My mother, who is called “Gami” by her grandchildren, sent Andrew a book in the mail. His other grandmother, “Meme”, read it to him today during an afternoon visit.

Luke had the roseola virus last week and passed it on to Andrew who has it this week. It can’t be prevented and secretly incubates so I’m sure that my children passed it along to every child they looked at in Wal-Mart over the weekend. Now I’m just praying Abigail won’t come down with it.



We read The Big Picture Story Book Bible to our boys each night. It begins in Genesis, describing the Garden of Eden where a snake represents Satan. Tonight we took the boys to get haircuts. The lady that cut their hair told A that her son had a snake and it lived with her right now since her son has now left home (for school or something). This was the conversation in the car after leaving the salon.

A: “Dad, what was her name?”

Dad: “Well, I don’t know. Maybe it
was Judy.”

A: “No, maybe it was Satan.”

I think it had something to do with her having a snake.

First Day of School

Our oldest started K3 today. He’s only there for half a day, five days a week. He has talked about this day all week long and was glad to wake this morning to begin his new adventure. He loves his teacher and has almost memorized all the names of the children in his classroom. The school itself is very small and has an average of eight children per class, up to the fourth grade. I’m glad that it’s a ministry of our church….it helps my heart knowing that Hubby is just down the hall!

Summer Camp

This week is full of summer camp at Brookstone with Miss Glenn. A is having so much fun! He cried on Monday morning and insisted that he wasn’t going, but when I picked him up at noon that day he begged to go back. Today they “visited” the Bahamas where he made a grass skirt and ate pineapple.

Who lost the peas?


I was on the phone tonight with my “Birmingham” friend, Crissy, when my youngest son handed me a bag of dried black eye peas. I laughed. A few weeks ago, returning home from a grocery trip, I made a mental checklist of the purchased items as I began putting them away. Unable to find the bag of peas, I went back into the garage and checked all throughout the van. No where. Here it is about a month later and guess where my youngest son found them…in the front yard bushes. They must have slipped out of a grocery bag or someone’s little hands got to them before I could and decided to “drop them off”. I thought it was funny.