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Choosing Thomas


I’m in tears as I’ve just finished watching this video of a couple from Dallas, TX, give birth to their baby boy who was told had Trisomy 13. They were given the option to terminate but chose to give their son life, even if would be short lived.

I think of my friend, S, who is presently pregnant with her little girl who has the same genetic condition. Our prayers are with you, dear one.

A belated Father’s day gift


So, we’ve have this stepping stone kit in our garage for two years now. It was a freebie from Michael’s (after coupon, of course!) but I’ve purposely neglected it, waiting for just the right time to make it as well as waiting for my kids to come of age when they would appreciate their result. Not to mention that the kit comes with a wimpy bag of stones, each the size of a dime – and only about 20 inside!

One day after picking the kids up from school, I noticed a HUGE pile of junk on the side of the road that someone was tossing. After asking permission to “dig”, I found a bucket full of blue/green colored glass pieces deep down under. The bucket has kept the kit company in the garage for far too long. It was time for us to hunker down and get messy – the kids were all for it!

I wish I had captured the kids actually dropping their rocks and glass pieces in the mold but I had fingers covered in mud and I wasn’t about to run inside to retrieve my camera and risk getting concrete on it.

I think the stepping stone turned out quite nice. The kiddos love it, Daddy loves it, and it’s now resting in the grass beside our front porch for all our visitors to see.

Happy late Father’s Day, Mitch!

10 Digit Lumber blog

1 0 D I G I T L U M B E R

I’ve spent way too many minutes this afternoon laughing my booty off while reading this blog. My finger hurts from clicking on all the archives. Seriously, you’re gonna love it. Blogs with humor are my favorite reads!

Mom, I think you’d especially enjoy her blog. She’s a limmerick writer!

Thanks, Jenna, for sharing this blog with me. And, I agree with your most recent post!

Randomness makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a good post


Ok, I’ve got a few random pictures on my memory card. I don’t HAVE to post any of them but I want to yet don’t want to take the time to explain them all in 4-5 different posts. Here they are in no particular order (that would be pointless since this is a RANDOM post):

This is the pottery Andrew has completed in his summer class. We just signed him up for four more classes this fall. I hope they don’t make any more bird related items.

Just in case you can’t figure them out: (L to R) birdhouse (which is broken on top due to me knocking it off the counter on accident), a bird bath, and a bird feeder.

This is my daughter. Isn’t she lovely?

Here are my two crazy sons playing inside on a rainy afternoon. I refused to give them another snack so Andrew resorted to eating a plastic pastry.

A La Carte: ART


I have been teaching art to the students at my children’s school going on four years (with a small maternity break somewhere in there). Sometimes ideas for this class come quickly, with ease. Other times, I’m pushing it to the limit to come up with a project that is educational, fun, and simple to prepare. So, I thought I’d share a few links to show you where I get most of my ideas. Yeah, I know I’m a copycat…..but, in this case, I’ve got no shame in that!

Art Projects for Kids
Art teacher, Kathy, from California, shares many ideas and pictures of various art projects she’s completed with her students. I love this site so much that most of my lessons from last year came from Kathy’s brain.

Oodles of Art
Projects and art lessons taught by elementary art teacher, Katie.

David Lubin Arts Program

A blog about the artistic adventure of the students of David Lubin Elementary School.

The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
A great resource for alphabet/letter crafts, geared toward preschoolers.