Monthly Archives: November 2010

They are remembering


As we pulled out the ornaments tonight to decorate the tree, I heard my boys say over and over, “Oh, I remember making this one! I know who gave me this ornament! Wow, I made that one a long time ago!”. I was busy snapping pictures but hearing them reminisce made me tear up a little bit. They are growing up – yet they have some sweet memories of their short childhood thus far. Parenting is hard but it’s so rewarding and such a gift from God!

Anna Ruby Falls


Hiking…..I love it. Climbing Anna Ruby Falls isn’t exactly wilderness hiking but it’s definitely a beautiful piece of Earth. The kids were super excited to climb to the “top” and see the huge waterfall that awaited. More importantly, we were able to climb this trail with our extended family…..making memories!

I especially enjoyed experiencing nature with these fellas and gal.

What beauty!

There were signs of caution everywhere along the path.

The kids really enjoyed listening to the water and observing the surrounding moss, trees, rocks, and leaves. We will be visiting this spot again in the future, especially since we discovered that our local library allows free state park passes with our membership (this is the case for any Georgia library system)! Now, I’m off to make a list of all the state parks we should visit!

Architect craftsman?


Every Sunday as we get ready to go to church, I can always find Luke in the front room building something. Often times, it’s a choo-choo line of his matchbox cars or a tower made from markers. This past Sunday morning, I walked into the room and found him building some sort of barge ship from his blocks. Just after snapping these pictures, he demolished his structure and began building another. I think he might have a future in Vegas demolition.