What we did TODAY


Walgreens had a sale on their seed packets this week (normally the retail price is 5 packs for $1 but this week they were 10 for a $1). I’ve been meaning to teach the boys about planting and growing a few vegetables. Well, our Walgreens only had flower seeds available so we set out this afternoon to plant our own flower garden right outside our front door. Boys will be boys….they loved the digging part. Especially when little creepy crawly bugs started emerging from the soil. They began fighting over who got which roly poly, what snail shell was bigger, and who had the largest bug collection in their buckets. As we dug deeper, we found a frog skeleton…weird. It’s now in a small ziploc bag, waiting to go to school with Andrew for Monday’s SHOW and TELL. Anywho, I did most of the seeding myself but they happily helped to spread the dirt and lay the border of rocks. All plants need water to live, right? What better way than to water our new patch of dirt with nothing else but….water guns! They had so much fun.

Later, we took a light dinner to the local park and ate on our huge patchwork quilt (I’m so glad my mother-in-law didn’t want it and decided to give it to me. It’s so heavy and large. Great for spreading out food and extending our legs while eating). After finishing, Andrew decided it was time to put his new kite to the test. I love this picture of him looking up at the kite. There was a great breeze tonight! Notice the Bath & Body Works bag in the bottom picture. I have so many of these now due to all my recent coupon transactions! They are handy for outdoor adventures and ease the haul since I usually toss them once they become dirty or soggy from the load.


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  1. Oh, the memories…We used to have a yearly picnic during spring break when the kids were younger. Our boys are 21 months apart. They loved water guns.

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